Der Präsident des französischen Eislaufverbandes FFSG Didier Gailhaguet hat sich bei allen Eislaufverbänden, Kollegen und Delegationen nach der Absage der TEB in Bordeaux entschuldigt und bedankt für die Unterstützung und die Solidarität. Er hat auch an die ISU einige Lösungen geschickt, wie man das Problem mit der GP-Finale-Qualifizierung lösen kann.


France has recently been hit, cruelly and unjustly, by terrorism and barbarism.
The Ice-Skating world and especially the competitors have suffered the unforeseeable consequences at the Trophée Eric Bompard, the 4th stage of the ISU Grand Prix of figure skating.

On behalf of the French Federation of Ice Sports, I would like to apologize to all foreign delegations for the inevitable complications that this situation, entirely independent of our own will, might have caused in terms of logistics, communication, sportwise or even psychologically.

The FFSG would like to thank the very many Presidents who have shown their support, solidarity, compassion and comprehension regarding the decisions taken as a precautionary measures against dangers lurking for a country in mourning.

The FFSG has addressed proposals to Mr. Peter Krick, ISU representative during this event, requesting that the skaters not be entirely penalized in order to be qualified for the ISU Grand Prix final to be held in Barcelona (Spain – December 11-13). Mr. Krick, who had also been searching for a solution, sent these proposals to the members of the ISU Council for a decision by them and the Grand Prix organizers brought also their contribution for a good solution.

It was deemed necessary that the participants be protected and the sport be able to raise its head out of this trying time. In this regard, we would like to thank the members of the Council and their president Mr. Ottavio Cinquanta for their responsiveness, support and understanding.

As a faithful friend of skating, I heartily thank you again for your heartfelt comprehension.



Von Alexandra

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